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Felice Balarin, the founder of East Bay Masters Water Polo (formerly known as XX-XY) in El Cerrito, CA, was born in Croatia and remained a dedicated water polo enthusiast until his passing on September 17th, 2023. Over 20+ years ago, he created a master's polo club that welcomed and respected individuals of all ages and abilities. Through the Felice Memorial Fund, we are committed to honor that vision and his legacy.

East Bay Masters will administer the Felice Memorial Fund, and grants from the fund will be allocated to waterpolo programs across the Bay Area and Korcula to assist in the purchase of caps, suits and waterpolo balls to help support access to the sport.

The fund will seek to replenish its resources annually through the Belarin Memorial Waterpolo Tournament, to be hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for your support!

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